Enter the new and improved blog.

If you've read my blog before, you might notice things have gotten sparse around here. That's because I've decided to take a different path with this blog business. Not all readers care about how I broke through writer's block and, even as a writer, what works for each of us is so personal that what worked for me may be shitty advice for others. So I'm going to stick with something everyone can appreciate... recommendations. Sure, I'll have some news about my work in progress in here but I'd like this to be a place where people can get a few good reads in and then know where to find some more.

As these are recommendations, and not reviews, I won't have any of those pesky spoilers hanging about. I'm going to start by giving a bit of info on the book, then explain what I liked, what I didn't and my overall thoughts. I'll give them a rating between one and five bloody footprints so you can decide whether or not they're worth your time.

One thing you should know... I read for enjoyment. I am not some literary elitist who breaks a novel into its most minute parts to find a damn hidden metaphor. I'm not going to bore you with themes or rip a book to shreds because it panders to pop culture. As any good fan knows, even the cheesy, unbelievable, raunchy and (read this in your best pompous asshole voice) utterly pedestrian horror has its place in our hearts. Bottom line: bad, lazy writing turns me off, immersive worlds turn me on and books that demand my complete submission until the last page is turned bring me to that oh-so-sweet literary climax. If that sounds like it might be your bag... stop by on Thursdays for new reviews. Better yet, complete the form on the blog page and get emailed updates so you never miss a recommendation, or any of the other juicy tid-bits I'll drop off here.